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lazizah bakery + mediterranean café

This unique identity package reflects the mission of Lazizah Bakery + Mediterranean Café: to bring the world closer by providing exotic, delicious, nutritious meals and grocery items to the local community. The logo's structure is based on an abstraction of the ma'amoul press, a middle eastern cooking tool. Its detailed, enclosed, circular pattern evokes the idea of enveloping the culture of Lazizah's Lebanese proprietors by way of the senses. The primary typeface mirrors many of the same shapes and curves of the logo's structure, and the main color palette reflects the colors of mediterranean food: the dark purple of eggplant, creamy beige of chickpeas and russet of paprika and cinnamon.

Specifications / 

Dimensions variable; packaging includes menu, pastry box, shopping bag, take-out container, matchbox, coffee cup

Disciplines / 

Identity and Packaging Design


Medium / 


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