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radical lace + subversive knitting

This exhibition catalog, created for the Museum of Arts and Design’s traveling exhibition Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting, explores the modern reinvention of traditional handcrafts by focusing upon fiber as a unifying element of lace, yarn and fabric. The type structure of the book is set in a 9 × 9 modular grid, with 1-inch interior margins for binding, to create a square page format. The rhythm of the book’s layout is based upon a lace knitting pattern, and chapter headings weave through the type structure to simulate fiber weaving through fabric. The type, set in Frutiger, was chosen based on its mix of modern and organic shapes, which further reinforces the focus of the exhibition.

Specifications / 

9 x 8 x .5-inch booklet printed on Nekoosa 80# Coated Dull text, with French fold and Japanese stab binding


Discipline / 

Editorial Design


Medium / 

Print Publication

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